MUMSYS library

Library for the MUMSYS project.

MUMSYS stands for Multi User Managment System. Altn. „Mother System“ (c) 2002 – now


  • PHP 7+ (Also PHP 5 support, PHP4 Off!)
  • Speed, speed speed. The library dosnt cost much ressources
  • No namespaces, prefixed classes to improve overview
  • No complicated autoloader
  • Nearly a framework but: KISS (Keep It Simple St… develpoper 🙂 )
  • Has interfaces to be staight for common tasks or own implementations. Downgrades maintainance time
  • Simple interfaces
  • Convention over configuration (Not really in a library but if so than thats true)
  • Tests are nearly 100% and always a must have
  • For Web and shell


The mentioned interfaces always have a default or further implementations. Follow the links and look round for it.


Interface for reading/ writing to … basicly a file


Internationalization Interface (I18n) for translation


Lightweight interface to log messages using BSD default log-levels 0-7 like:
0 = EMERGENCY (System is unusable), 1 = Alert (Immediate action required), 2 = Critical, 3 = Error, 4 = Warning, 5 = Notice, 6 = Informational, 7 = Debug-level messages


Interface for register(), replace(), get(), remove() methodes


Simple queue handling based on keywords


Request interface for handling incoming data (posts/ get/ argv ) data in web or shell enviroment.

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Realtime test status

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Stable branch
Build Status: stable
Testing branch
Build Status: testing
Unstable branch
Build Status: unstable


In that time an admin CMS system to

  • create admin pages for new buissness tasks,
  • very huge lists of data optimised to quickly deal with it through a fast class library
  • handling processes on the server side for audio and video tasks
  • Shop related admin tasks and inventory control because then it was mostly used for a music distribution.

The library is a new public part of the project now. The MUMSYS library/ interface. A rework beginning in that time and now going to be free, under an open source license.

„MUMSYS 2 Library“ is a project version: MUMSYS core parts are going to this library, and it is/was version 2. Now its going to be „MUMSYS Library“ Version 3.