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PHP: array_push

years ago …. 2013-11-20 01:25 Be warned using $array „+=“ array(1,2,3) or union operations (http://php.net/manual/en/language.operators.array.php) I think it worked in the past or i havent test it good enough. :-/ (once it worked, once [] was faster than array_push, the… Weiter lesen →

PHP: disk_free_space

years ago … 2006-05-12 03:05 you may check this out working with % (percent) of disk usage (log object may comes from pear or just remove the log lines) // return true on error! // on false: fine 🙂 function… Weiter lesen →

PHP: readline

years ago … 2006-04-28 10:29 cool program! note when trying to exec() something: in the while loop you need to reset exec() returns or you will get all results of all executions (on my windows and or cygwin 🙁 like:… Weiter lesen →

PHP: fopen

years ago … 2006-01-14 07:58 download: i need a function to simulate a „wget url“ and do not buffer the data in the memory to avoid thouse problems on large files: <?php function download($file_source, $file_target) { $rh = fopen($file_source, ‚rb‘);… Weiter lesen →

PHP: include, require [_once]

years ago … 2005-05-26 02:55 i already had a discussion with several people about „not shown errors“ error reporting and all others in php.ini set to: „show errors“ to find problems: the answer i finally found: if you have an… Weiter lesen →

PHP: readfile

years ago … 2005-05-06 11:17 regarding php5: i found out that there is already a disscussion @php-dev about readfile() and fpassthru() where only exactly 2 MB will be delivered. so you may use this on php5 to get lager files… Weiter lesen →

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