multirename – A program written in PHP

This bulk rename program is made to use as shell program, for batch processing and also for standard php applications. Windows/ Linux /MAC if you have PHP installed this program works.

Usage: If you have tonns of files to be renamed or have always new files which must be renamed: This program is made for you! I use it only in cronjobs /scheduled tasks.

Hello! Welcome to my program. I hope you will enjoy it!

Happy renaming! 🙂


  • Simple replacements or removes. Look for a sign and replace it with another one. E.g.: Change all spaces in filenames with an underscore (_).
  • Replacements using pcre engine (Perl compatible regular expressions). Regular expressions are patterns detection. With filenames it can help to split complex names to rebuild the filename you need. E.g.:
    "2015-01-01-20.00.00 The daily news.mpg"
    will become
  • Find relevant files or directorys by a list of search keywords or regular expressions.
  • Renaming including the path or breadcrumbs of the path the file belongs to. The path or the parts of it are always available to be used for the replacement.
  • Replacements including regular expressions and including path replacements in a regular exression. E.g.: /(%path2%)?(.*)?(\d{5})?/i Checkout the examples for more.
  • Creation of hard links or symlinks, relative or absolut instead of renaming the files. Including relocating in this case. „this“ goes „../in/here/that“
  • Possibility to undo an action.
  • A test mode to check the results when starting a rename process.
  • Presets: Possibility to save/update/delete a configuration. E.g. for a later usage or batch processing like cron, at, batch…
  • Scan for matches in a recusivly way or just files in the given directory.
  • Scan for all files or a given list of file extensions. E.g.: doc;docx;xls
  • More features to come. Some are already in the code marked as TODO.