Docs for my helper scripts of the „mydumper“ project. Some programs which speeds up sql dumps and restoring of MySQL/MariaDB databases.

*NIX install: apt-get install mydumper

For security you may check this article (in german) or given links below (english).

Usage for admins

Download the files or checkout to hole repo.

Verify the following:

chmod 7** dbs_restore_root.sh dbs_backup_root.sh
chmod 6** dbs_dummy.cnf dbs_request_credentials.sh

I link the scripts to /root/scripts/

ln -s /path/to/public/shell/mysql_mariadb/dbs_backup_root.sh /root/scripts/dbs_backup.sh
ln -s /path/to/public/shell/mysql_mariadb/dbs_restore_root.sh /root/scripts/dbs_restore.sh
ln -s /path/to/public/shell/mysql_mariadb/dbs_request_credentials.sh /root/scripts/

My backups are located here: /mnt/backups/host/dbs

Run a backup


/to/dbs_backup.sh [cfg-file or backup-dir or no-parameter]

If no parameters or just a backup path was given you will be ask for all missing values: backup path and db user/password…

# or
/to/dbs_backup.sh /mnt/backups/host/dbs
# or
/to/dbs_backup.sh /to/dbs_dummy.cfg

Run a restore


/to/dbs_restore.sh <config|none> <dbs directory> [opt flag: show only commands, dont execute]

Demo commands:

# you will be ask for credentials
/to/dbs_restore.sh none /mnt/backups/host/dbs

# no futher requests
/to/dbs_restore.sh /to/dbs_dummy.cfg /mnt/backups/host/dbs

# Shows only commands for each database.
# You can execute it later or just for one, two.. databases
/to/dbs_restore.sh none /mnt/backups/host/dbs true


Use this script only in you private hood. E.g. Only use remote connections or in your private network. Otherwise your users can see your credentials when scanning the process lists. I opened a ticket for this issue already. As good as i tested: The .my.cnf wasn’t sourced in any way yet 🙁

For this issue you may implement alternativ ways like: this or https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2241063/bash-script-to-setup-a-temporary-ssh-tunnel/15198031#15198031

Happy backuping and restoring 🙂